For boards and c-suite executives

Looking to engage your board and executive on ESG, climate risk and net zero strategies, then our masterclass series for Boards and C-Suite executives is exactly what you need. These masterclasses highlights the obligations that Boards and Executives have to addressing ESG within the organisation and provides the opportunity to discuss the implications of critical investment decisions.

For senior managers

If you are looking to upskill your senior managers responsible for implementing the sustainability initiatives in your organisation, then we have a number of masterclasses that will provide the knowledge at just the right level you need. From energy efficiency to renewables, from understanding climate risk to developing adaptation plans, from greenwashing to greenhushing, we have a number of masterclass workshops available.

For your teams

If you’re looking to ensure your broader team understand what sustainability, ESG, climate risk or net zero all means so that they can begin to consider their role in supporting the organisation, then this series of masterclasses can help build knowledge at scale. 

Hear from our students: